Two months, a lifetime

The orange, dusty and bumpy roads are swapped for asphalt and sand. The happy tunes about love that would constantly fill up the air along with the heavy scent of cedar incense and curry are still on my head, but the reality plays the songs of wind and waves. A few weeks later, here I am left with quite some time to reflect over the past two months.

Two months felt so long, but ended up being too short and I can recall every second as the precious gifts they were.

I believe that humans have a sometimes not very flattering nor beneficial habit of putting things, events and people into categories, and that it can make us miss the bigger picture. For a while now I have been doing exactly that, like some kind of evaluation of everything that goes on. What did I learn, who did I meet, what was good and what wasn’t and so forth, but it turns out to be impossible, or at least unnecessary.

It has all been such a humbling, loving, interesting and magic experience with all the ups and down’s, the precious moments, the people, the work. Perfect just the way it was. It taught me so many good lessons and best of all, I now got a huge family of up and about 45 people when adding the amazing, amazing, amazing Horac-family to the (also amazing) one I already have. The meaning of he word family is definitely boosted and extended.

Luckily it doesn’t end with us leaving Nepal for a bit. What Nicole started with Wild Heights will now grow and grow and grow. You will be able to take part in this story and together we will create magic, with the dream house of Horac as a mirage in the horizon. There’s quite a few things to figure out on the way which we are now working on, like the practical stuff with being a NGO. We have big goals and big dreams, but as the wise words of Tej Bikram Shahi tell: If there is will, there is a way. The will is endless, so I am convinced there will be a way.

Just realised that it's friday peeps! So to boost that friday feeling some of my favourite dreamers are sending some colors your way. I also give you one of my favourite Nepali tunes, Thamel Bazaar. My lord, have i danced to this one. Enjoy!

Love always