My dancing heart

As you maybe already have notice, ever since my last time in Nepal the mountains and the children has been calling me and my heart. In two years i struggled with no money and the will to learn more about global questions, so that next time I will be able to make bigger change on site. Because I know how it all is connected and I know that the money I spend on my ticket here can make huge difference direct for the children. It is a struggle, to know that we make the right and most effective approach in making change, not only for the children, but also in the eco farm. So my thought is that if I learn more about the world and the connection between social,economic and environmental sustainability, I will not just be helping out financially for the children, also in all the levels. I will learn more about their culture, history and everyday struggles in life.

The feeling of getting that huge group hug from my 40 favorite stars, when arrived in Nepal, that feeling is totally indescribable. I’ve been so, so nervous about that moment and suddenly it hit me and it was amazing in every kind of way. Their heart smiled and their body danced and my mind was out of control of happiness 💓 All the quilt I’ve been feeling because it took me such a long time to get back, spending money on a ticket and choosing to make my internship at another place, all that quilt just washed of me and I have never ever been so proud over myself. All that super hard work and the stress from school, my business and gathering money for the children, finally pays of. In one second you can experience such a magical moment that you know that you're on the right way in life. That i'm actually making a difference in this world, for these kids anyway. That just hit me 💓

Horac has due to all of you and lots of other donations the last two years been able to move. Not is the place only bigger and better it's also in a totally different environment. With so much greener area, close to the mountains and a small lake nearby, the children can have a so much better life here. Closer to the mountain the supply of freshwater is also more available here, so the children have drinking water 24 hours a day. Which is a huge and important development, along with their supply of electricity. Two years ago Kathmandu and Horac had electrical powerouts for 16 hours a day, today the childens home have 24 hours of electricity, witch makes is so much cheepear and easier to keep warm during these cold winter nights.

The eco farm, our internship, is situated just 5 minutes away from Horac. Here we have been focusing on agriculture so far and will in the future also help out with development, marketing, house building etc. This place, Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation, have the tools for a sustainable community and hopefully we can bring some more ideas about how to make it even better during our time here.

Today is our day off and im in the sun dreaming about how I want to give the moon,the stars and the sun to the children at Horac.