Two falcons and one moon.

So the moment of all moments are here. Me (Nicole) and Alex are now on our way to Kathmandu. On our way to explore our minds and hearts and to challenge the whole concept most of us in Sweden call a daily life. 

We travel from the land of christmas trees, cloudberries, northen lights and the midnight sun to enter a world of poverty, struggle, pulluted air and hard work. And we're so ready. So ready to give all we have and to learn as much as possible to grow as people and global citizens. 🌍

I've said it before, and now its all I feel. The excitment about seeing everyone at Horac soon is making me nervous and happy at the same time. And the golden moment of sharing my Nepali family with one of my dearest friends, I can't ever explain how magic that feels like. ✨🙌

So be ready in the coming days to get your heart stolen about the people we'll meet and to be mad about how unfair the world is and to be inspired about the stories, the solutions and the lanscape we will share with you to inspire for a better, more fair, greener and happier world. 

So much love from us, Nicole and Alex. 

You will find our stories here and on instagram @wild.heights. 🌍💚