Did you give the world some love today?

When laying in bed last night, I started thinking about this week's to do-list for Nepal. Every inch of me was filled up with a sparkling excitement about the trip and there was no way in heaven I could fall asleep. The curiosity for the people I will meet, the stories I will be told and about all the new things I will learn knows no limit now and even if we are heading into my favourite season up here; a snow filled glistening winter, the 15th of January can’t be here soon enough. I received a brand new passport last week and it feels unreal that the first stamp will tell me that I’m welcome to go to the land of my dreams.

When we were looking into organisations that would match with our purpose for this trip, a coffee break-instagram session coincidentally led us to Ladies Mountain League, a community where Nepalese women are introduced to action sports and get a space where they can speak freely and connect with other girls through the great outdoors. This aligns perfectly well with our values and beliefs, since female empowerment is another heart issue for us. I’ve found so many of my closest friends through action sports and being a part of that community has really shaped me into who I am, so I truly think that Ladies Mountain League is such a great idea so many ways. We sent an email to find out more, and something that can only be explained as faith happened. The founder of LML, Hanna Sjödin, replied and said that she is from Östersund and would be in Sweden soon and would be happy to meet us. We will try to spend as much time as we can with Hanna and the girls. She is working hard to fund her project and she has great ideas on how to develop LML, and we think it will be beyond awesome.

Check out Ladies Mountain League on Instagram and Facebook:



Waking up this morning was more of a heartache and it’s not easy not to worry about the state of the world and the direction we’re heading in. But if you start looking for all the goodness out there, you will be inspired by so many amazing people, doing amazing things. Only in tiny tiny Östersund you’ll find so many of these people and I’m lucky enough to call a few of them my close friends.

You should also check out Wild Heights instagram, where you can learn more about how Nicole started the project, and check out the loppis - there is some great stuff there!


Two great initiatives that works with ethical and sustainable clothing in Nepal, where the founders has their roots in Östersund:



“When in despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.

Think of it-always.”