When the excitment takes over.

I don’t know about you, but as a restless soul the actual booking of a trip is such a great moment. Its exciting and unbelievable at the same time. That moment happened the other day. Me and Alexandra made this dream into a plan when we booked the tickets to Kathmandu. Its still sounds a bit weird to me that after 2 years I’m actually going back, I’m actually keeping my promise to the kids that last time was not goodbye, it was see you later. The date is sat on the 15th of January, thats when me and Alexandra throw ourselves out in the world to hopefully do some good and learn a thing or two on ways we can keep on develop societies in a sustainable way for booth humans and the environment. Alexandra as a engineer and me as a entrepreneur, two little different views and ideas that we believe is the perfect match. We’re booth endless dreamers who only see possibilities, that must be a good base for a great mission, right? So, we have decided on a great place for our internship, its called KRMEF and stands for Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation. Their aim and goal is to create and implement eco-friendly programs designed to promote and encourage sustainable community development in order to influence and nurture a fundamental relationship with the environment in our local community and throughout Nepal as a whole. They have all kinds of projects, as fuel production, biodynamic farming, eco architecture etc. And also internships in just sustainable development and engineering which should suit us perfectly. If your more interested you can look at www.krmef.org. One of the biggest things with this journey, for me, is that I’m so excited to have Alexandra with me. For my first trip i travel alone and I’m glad and proud that i did cuz I think that I developed a lot as a person and I’m proud to have it in my backpack. But I was also longing to share the memories, feelings and knowledge with someone close to me. So to have one of my dearest friends and inspirational source with me is not only going to make this experience more heartwarming and thrilling, I also strongly believe in teamwork for a better world. Together we can push and inspire each other to make more change. So, mark the day in you calendar. The 15th on January, thats when all the magic happends in this blog. Make sure to not miss out.

Listen to The XX - Intro, that's what excitement feels like to me, made into music.

/ Nicole