Another kind of magic, Horac Nepal

Hey you!

Things are getting more and more clear for our future journey to Nepal. And we're super excited!

I want to, this frosty morning,to share a little bit of background to this project. For exactly 2 years ago I, Nicole, spend 6 weeks in Nepal working as a volunteer in Horac Nepal. Horac stands for Home Of Rescue and Afflicted children and is an orphanage in Kathmandu. I went straight from the Autumn in Åre, calm, quietly and magical to a chaotic big town chaos with animals, dirt and people e v e r y w h e r e. It was something totally different and it took a few days before i found the magic, another kind of magic.

In the outside of Kathmandu I found Horac, a orphanage with 40 amazing people and children. In seconds I had my own Nepali family and from the first day my face had a constant smile, I just couldn't stop smiling. At my time at Horac I spent playing, helping with homework, cooking and all kinds of things that could make their everyday a little bit better and more fun. I tried my best to use facebook for gathering money so I could buy them school material, shoes and dining furniture, so they didn't have so sit on a cold floor outside all the time.

My time at Horac was both amazing and hard at the same time, I was a lot of sick my time there and its really something totally different to experience and it breaks your heart to know your not able to do everything you want for these magical souls. Like everyone, they deserve the best and you want to give them the moon and the stars to show them that the world is theirs. But its also out of this world the kind of experience to explore another culture and to get perspective on life and to know that even the smallest things, like a smile, time and a helping hand can make such a big difference and can get you friends for life.

Ever since my first day at Horac I realized they are going to be a part of my life now, and since the first day back in Sweden I've been determined that I would one day go back, even if it would take me years. Thats why its been super important for me to keep in touch with Horac and I still each week have contact. Now I have made a instagram called the @wild.heights where I have a second hand shop for money for Horac and updates about the children.

And here we are, 2 years later I'm able to go back to visit, thanks for the opportunity to use my school and international internship.

I can't even explain the feeling I have in my body to even plan for seeing all of my Nepali children and friends again.

If you want to be a part of the Horac family they are in a great need of monthly donations so they can secure the children's school fees, for 80 swedish kr per month you pay for one child one month.

Please email me on facebook or at for more information.

Or find Horac Nepal on facebook and visit

Read my Journey letter (In swedish) from my volunteer trip here:

More information under Horac/Nepal will come in time.

Much Love / Nicole