Feel it all around

Sometimes things just turn out so so so well. Like moving to Åre, travels, going to uni, connect with people, meeting new friends for life. Attending the eco engineer and eco entrepreneur program at the Mid University of Sweden was a lucky shot born in the will to create a change and protect what we love the most; our planet and all its inhabitants.

During the spring of 2017 we have our internships. I have been dreaming about going to Nepal for ages and Nicole was there in 2014, and fell in love with the country. Through this, the idea to travel there to spend the semester was born.

Nicole is the founder of the Wild Heights project and already had a really good thing going with it when I met her. She collaborates with an orphanage called Horac, and the story behind it will pop up here soon. Since our purpose with this internship aligns perfectly with the original idea of Wild Heights, the decision was made to unite the two and let it grow into something bigger here.

There are still a lot of details to be decided, so we will not reveal too much now, but we couldn't keep ourselves from letting you hear from us. We are putting together the last pieces about where and when along with a couple of really interesting and inspiring projects. To actualize what has been like a blurry dream cloud, floating around somewhere close to the horizon, feels unreal and humbling and I'm really grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do this along with the best team mate.

On Wild Heights we will share it all with you. Everything we learn, everyone we meet, every mountain we climb.

Big shout out to Hanna Wictorson for helping out with this page! You keep us young dear;)

Stay tuned!

Love, Alex

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