The Wild Heights started out as a project raising awareness about the situation in one of most beautiful and poorest countries in the world, Nepal.

In 2014 I, Nicole, traveld alone to Nepal to volunteer at HORAC (Home of rescue and afflicted children) in Kathmandu, Nepal. I stayed at the orphanage in 5 weeks and learnt a lot of the situation for children in Nepal, their culture and also a lot of my self.

In this project, you will find under @wild.heights on istangram, I'm selling unique and limited vintage and second hand products for the good of the children home HORAC. 100% spend on the this project will go directly to HORAC without middle hands. The money at HORAC will be spent on renovations of the house since the earthquake in 2015, medical care and also in the children’s fees for school, medical care and they chance to achieve their dreams in life.

In Nepal they have a way of saying - Namasté, my soul honors your soul. Let this photo be the evidence of that your soul honors their souls.

For questions, please contact or visit www.horac.org